About Whale watching

The boat departs from Puerto Colon heading straight out in the direction of the Island of La Gomera, to approximately 3 miles from Tenerife’s coast line. That’s the natural habitat of the Pilot Whales and we can see them all year round.

On route to the whales the boat also passes by some fish farms, where we frequently find dolphins waiting for an easy meal -Fishes from outside the farm go there to get the rests of the farm fish food, and those fishes attract the dolphins.

After watching these beautifull see mammals the boat heads back along the coast taking in the beautiful views of Tenerife

About the ship: There are two boats doing this excursion, one with capacity of 22 people and other with capacity of 50 people. Depending on the amount of people booked you might sail in one or another. These are luxury boats with the ideal size for whale watching, allowing you to see much closer than in a boat with 250 people capacity.