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BOOSTER PACKS Parascending + Jet Ski Safari 40min
Single jet ski 80.00 72.00€ – Tandem jet ski 60.00 54.00€
Parascending + Jet Ski 1 hour Safari
Single jet ski 110.00 99.00€ – Tandem jet ski 70.00 63.00€
Parascending + FlyFish + Jet Ski 1 hour Safari
Single jet ski 120.00 108.00€ || Tandem jet ski 80.00 72.00€
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SPECIAL PACKS Parascending + FlyFish + Jet Ski 20min
Single jet ski 65.00 58.50€ – Tandem jet ski 55.00 49.50€
Parascending + FlyFish + Jet Ski Safari 2 hours
Single jet ski 150.00 135.00€ – Tandem jet ski 95.00 85.50€
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Sailing in Tenerife

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About Water Sports Tenerife

Water Sports Tenerife is a team of +40 highly motivated people, spread across +10 box offices and operation centres on to the beach.

Marco, the founder of Water Sports Tenerife, is really passionate about engines and any machine capable of moving fast. If you visit our main office you will not find Marco behind a desk, you will find him smiling in the garage with a piece of engine in his hands.

His work ethic and passion for what he does is transmitted across the entire company. Our team really loves doing water sports ourselves, so it is natural for us to pass the positive attitude and good vibes to our customers.

The company has +35 yamaha jet skis, a 400hp speed boat (Sea rider), two flyboard equipments, +15 paddle surf boards, +30 pedal boats, 4 parascending winch boats, several bananas, inflatable flyfish and two vans for pick up service.

Locals also trust us to fix their personal boats and jet skis.

We are also the main supplier of water sports for most hotels and tour operators on the island.

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